The ArcSpace Initiative


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The London ArcSpace Initiative-


Keeping 14 independent artists and studio owners in Flight.


An initiative to cultivate space and time for artists to navigate their practice, elevate their process and innovate their creativity. 


‘In regularity and repetition comes a commitment to drive a self-practise and cultivate a process or method of training to establish an authentic and honest artist. An artist who is resilient and has the capacity to cultivate a sustainable career in the arts and beyond. An artist who commits to showing up regularly in order to drive an honest avenue to their self and creativity.’

Artistic Director and Founder of Creation Box London; Rachel Kay

Rachel is the founder and cultivator of Creation Box London, an independently run multi-functional, creative development studio in the heart of SE1 London. This year she will be launching The Reason I Fly Foundation. Thomas Ashton will drive The Box as Creative Director of The Box and Rachel Kay and Chris Maguire will drive forward the Foundation-



Artists are visible and thriving; enlivened by their own choices and purpose.



To cultivate the flight of the artist’s creative and movement innovation. Arcing safe spaces for them to heard and understood, invigorating by their own limitless mindset. To imagine, investigate and innovate who they are as an artist, enabling them to thrive and sustain a purposeful livelihood in the arts and beyond.












'Far From The Norm is gaining momentum, we are nurturing our organisation, our creative team and our offering beyond our artistic outlets. This also means in February of this year, we launched a training group. A regular session to invest and develop the next generation of Hip Hop dance theatre performers, facilitated by Botis, Far From The Norm and artists we value in armoring this generation with tools, resources and information. For us, there was no other host to approach, Creation Box for us, creates that safe and neutral space that encourages experimentation, risk and peer support - a truly rare find in London. 


Through Creation Box being run by a group of artists and led by Rachel Kay, we are honored to have been asked to join the ArcSpace Initiative. This would enable us to reduce our financial ask to participants and extend our programme beyond what was only to be a 16 week pilot. But also think long term about our offering to this cohort of new creatives and how as an initiative we can offer more access than if we were doing this independently.' Far From The Norm-One of the 14 artists/companies participating in the Initiative



1/ Support the 14 artists back into The Box, finding their feet for 6 months. All 14 artists will be given 6 months of free regular space. The three-hour regular slot will be funded every week for six months.


2/This funding will enable The Box to remain open for six months and it will be seen as a bridge to supporting and nurturing the artists through this time.


3/The ArcSpace Initiative will remain similar to the regular slot ethos! There will be no expected output from this initiative, just time and space to navigate the artists process and creativity coming out of this period of time. A way to continue!


4/In this six-month period, there will be two meeting points as a community. 

-One at the beginning of the six months to reconnect and discover what the space can be for you in returning to it

-A mid-way, peer support gathering to connect and discuss what you are currently practising!

-With the opportunity to continue on at the space, with the regular non-funded rate of £12.50 pr hr

-Finally, facilitated flight mode sessions will be provided for all artists involved for the Creation Box Team.

Thank you for supporting this Initiative!